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Sponsorship Overview.

The achievements and work of the North Area Football have been made possible through the support of the local representatives and Devon FA and is vital in order for the League to maintain it's service to the Clubs and Players of the League. The North Area does not currently have a sponsor.

New sponsorship initiatives are very welcome. There may be opportunities available for your company to play an active part in the future of the Area and your support is vital to our continued success.

If you wish to put forward a proposal please contact us.

Advertising on this site.

North Area Football can offer advertising on these pages. To make an enquiry (without obligation) contact us.
Prices range from an affordable rate of £50 per annum for a logo link to your own website to full site or page sponsorship by tender.
Website statistics are available.

It is easy to advertise with us!!
To upload and reserve advertising:
Please contact us
You will be contacted so that you can upload your graphic.
You will be billed for the advertisement.
Once your payment is received your advert will go live.
The advert runs for 1 year from the date it is displayed on our website or for other time periods as appropriate.

The Area Representatives reserve the right to refuse advertisements particularly if they conflict with the business of the League Sponsors.

(For adverts on the home page to run down the right hand column, if you would like to discuss other options, such as advertising on a particular page, please use the email address above)

Yearly rates:

137x60 - £50 per annum
Image: Size of 137x60 advert

275x120 - £100 per annum
Image: Size of 275x120 advert

One off Event adverts:

137x60 - £5 per week (events related to our own Clubs’ fundraising will remain free)
Image: Size of 137x60 advert

275x120 - £10 per week
Image: Size of 275x120 advert

Banner advertising is also available, please email with your preferred position for the banner and we will give you a quote. Monthly and annual rates are available.